What Size Tire Fits A 17×9 Rim | Recommended Size For 17×9 Rim

Simply put, Rim is the outer edge of a wheel that seals the tire with the wheel. It seems both rim and wheel are the same. However, rim is the part of the wheel not the whole wheel. A tire basically sits on the rim. Therefore, you must decide which time may fit your car rim.

That’s why having perfect the measurement of your rim will definitely help you to chose the right tire size for your vehicle.
In that case, if you have a 17×9” rim and you are looking for a perfect tire which fits your rim, then this write up will definitely help you find a perfect-size tire.

What Is A Rim? Are The Rim And Wheels Same?

Rims are basically part of a wheel. And many old-school people address the rim as the wheel. Also, rims are being used as a wheel in many regions though it is not correct. 

Rim is the upper edge of a wheel which holds the tire ensuring a perfect fit between the wheel and tire. Rim seals the edge retaining the air inside of the tubeless tire.

Here in the picture, the whole thing is called a wheel, and the outer edge of that wheel is called the rim. So, we got to know that a rim and a wheel are different from each other. 

What Is A 17×9 Rim?

You might come here to know what size tire fits your 17×9 rim. But do you know what this 17×9 refers to? Let us help you understand the term.

In the 17×9” rim you can see two numbers. Here the first number stands for wheel diameter which is 17 inches and the second one stands for the wheel width which is 9 inches. And by 17×9” rim you can clearly say that a rim which has 17 inches diameter and 9 inches width.

Tire That Fits A 17×9” Rim

Finding the right size tire for your rim is very crucial to capture the optimal ride quality from your vehicle. There are various types of tire sizes available in the market which can fit into a 17×9” rim. Let’s see what are those.

  • 215 (mm)
  • 225 (mm)
  • 245 (mm)
  • 255 (mm)
  • 265 (mm)
  • 275 (mm)
  • 285 (mm)
  • 315 (mm)

Moreover, It is not sure that those tire sizes will give you the optimal effectiveness just like the original one which came with your wheel. 

However, there are some famous tire sizes for 17×9” rims such as 215/40 R17 p 245/40 R17, 255/40 R17, p 225/45 R17.

How Do I Find Out My Rim Size?

Finding your vehicle’s rim size is not tough at all. You can find it on your own with some simple steps. Let’s have a look at those steps:

  • The stamped size is located on the back of the hub of a rim. And that is the imputed measure size of a rim.
  • If you can’t find the size in the first step then you have to measure the width and diameter of the rim with the help of a measuring tape.
  • Note down those numbers on the paper.
  • The backspace and offset of the rim is also an important measurement that identifies the tire and vehicle application.
  • In which area the hub of the rim is located is important to know for determining the offset by observing. 

What’s The Widest Tire You Can Put On A 17×9” Rim?

From practical experience with many users, we learned that the widest tire for a 17×9” rim is a 285 mm tire or 275/40R-17. You can put this size tire on your rim without any hassle. However, it also includes some bad effects on your skinny rim if you put the wide tire on it. For example, it can cause poor handling, increase road noises, decrease ride quality, change tires frequently and many more.

Will A 215 Tire Fit A 17×9” Rim? If Yes Then Why? Or, What Is The Smallest Tire Size You Can Put On A 17×9” Rim?

If you are thinking that 215 tires can fit in your 17×9 ” rim. Then you are right it can fit on your  17×9 ” rim as it is the smallest tire size for it. And as a result of this, it can cause many issues like fender rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can You Change The Tire Size On The Same Rim?

You can change the tire of your rim. Want to know why? We showed you before that there are different sizes of tires such as 215 (mm),225 (mm),245 (mm),255 (mm),265 (mm),275 (mm),285 (mm) and 315 (mm) can fit on a same rim or 17×9” rim. This proves that we can use various kinds of tire sizes in one kind of rim.

How Do I Know If A Tire Will Fit On My Cars Rim?

Identifying a tire size to put on your rim first you need to know about the rim size. And it’s very easy to find out the rim size of your vehicle. First, you need to open the driver’s door of your car and then find the sticker which has information about the rim size. From there you can notice the rim and wheel size of your car. Which will help you to find the exact tire for your car.


I’m assuming that the information provided in this write up will help you make an expert-like decision regarding choosing the perfect tire for your 17×9 rim.

However, if you have any other queries about this topic I recommend you consult with experts and professionals or leave a comment below on our website.

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