How To Tell If Line Out Converter Is Bad? Symptoms

Nowadays many car stereos are quite poor. That’s why those car owners install line output converters to capture optimum benefit from their cars’ speakers. When you want to connect an amplifier to your car stereos that do not have preamp output, a line out of the converter can help you do the job.

But if you see the LOC is not doing what it is supposed to do, there is something wrong. And there are always some signals that can tell you whether the Line-out converter is bad or not.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the symptoms that will tell you about a bad line-out converter and everything else about it that you may need to know.

What Is A Line Output Converter? 

The built-in stereos that come with your car may not satisfy you with their sound quality and details. In that case, connecting an amplifier with your stereos can bring up detailed and fine-tune, and high volume to your speaker. But what will you do if your stereo doesn’t have an output to connect the amplifier? And that’s where LOC comes into play.

A line output converter (LOC) is an additional component of a car that helps to connect the car stereo system to the amplifier. It converts a speaker-level output signal into an RCA preamp-level signal. 

Moreover, it is used to convert a head unit’s speaker outputs or outputs of an OEM amplifier to a signal suitable for running the preamp inputs of an amplifier. Old fashion line output converters are designed for high output head units.

Symptoms Of Damaged Line Output Converter

Many car owners use line output converters (LOC) to convert a high-level amplify signal into a low-level signal. And many of them face issues with their line output converter. And if you are one of them who eagerly wants to know whether your line out of converter is bad or not, read on.

  • No sound coming out of the Subs or speaker
  • RCA cable goes bad or breaks down
  • After turning the Amp on still no sound comes out from the Sub
  • The signal is cut somewhere in that chain
  • Facing various kinds of troubles with the sub
  • The subwoofer 15-inch vega starts to hum very loudly in a constant tone
  • Also, negative-positive speakers lead to the backward
  • The trouble with the stock stereo 
  • Sounds are fading after driving a few blocks etc.

How Can I Solve The Problems Of Line Output Converter

If you see the symptoms mentioned above, then don’t worry. When there is a problem, there is a solution too. To solve the problems with the line output converter we have some tips that can resolve your difficulties with a bad LOC.

  • Install a new RCA to fix the problem with the RCA
  • Install the speaker into the new box
  • Mounted your amp in the trunk and hooked everything back up
  • Turn both amp and line out converter to halfway 
  • Adjust the gains of the converter and amp about halfway.
  • Play with the gains from the amp until you get a volume and clarity
  • Then turn the gains of the converter up and keep playing with it until you get the optimum sound quality from it.

Is A Line Output Converter Necessary?

The line output converter is a vital part of a car’s speaker. In many cars, built-in stereos are not enough in terms of providing the finest sound quality and volume. In that case, using a line output converter, you can connect an amplifier and scale up your speaker’s volume.

So if your stereos don’t have low-level RCA output to add an amplifier to the stereos, you must have a line out of the converter.

However, in some cases, amplifiers offer speaker-level inputs. In that case, your car doesn’t require a separate line output converter for tapping into existing speaker wires to capture the signals.

How To Install A Line Output Converter?

The connection to a line output converter is very simple. All you gotta do is to take the speaker level output to the input of the line output converter and it will be done. So  If your vehicle needs a LOC just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • For installing the line output converter the first step will be to disconnect the negative battery terminal. As a result, this will help you to prevent various electrical issues.
  • Second, to place the wiring you have to remove the head unit so that this can connect to the line output converter.
  • Third, you must take a diagram of your stereo output wiring. So that it can help you to be familiar with wiring or connection. And that is why this step is crucial to completing a successful installation.
  • In the fourth step, you have to be extra careful as it is quite long. First, remove the 1-inch wire from the line output converter and stereo. Then make a suitable connection by attaching the left speaker to the left channel and the right speaker to the left channel. And to connect them use a crimp connector and tape. Finally, you need to plug the RCA cables into the line output converter to run and connect the RCA cables for amplifying.
  • Lastly, all wiring is done now it’s time for tasting. Turn on your stereo and play some audio to ensure that all wiring is done properly.

And that’s all. Now you can enjoy your audio with pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I Have To Use A Line Output Converter?

You can definitely use a line output converter if your stereos don’t have low-level RCA output. In that case, it is necessary to use a line output converter so that it can create a signal that amplifies the amplifier.

Do RCA Cables Make A Difference In A Car’s Audio?

Yes, it can make a difference in your car’s audio if they are broken. As a result, there will be unusually susceptible noises. However, RCA cables only help to increase the sound quality of your stereos.

Can I Use A Headphone Jack As A Line Out?

Yes, it can be used as a line output of your device. Moreover, it also supports sending line-level signals to other audio devices. Nevertheless, it also prevents distortion and reduces noise.


After the above discussion about line output converter and some of its related affairs, I think you have enough ideas about it. Now you can tell whether your LOC is bad, and if so, how to install a new one.

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