How To Tell If Carbon Fiber Is Real | Identify Real Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber parts in a vehicle can absorb a huge impact of energy. So if you use carbon fiber in your car, then it increases the car’s safety. The carbon fiber absorbs the effect and does less damage to the vehicle if the parts are used correctly.

But you have to ensure that you are using your car’s real carbon fiber materials. Using cheap, weak, and artificial materials will only make them look good outside but will not protect them appropriately from the impact. So first, you have to identify whether the carbon fiber is real or not. Real carbon fiber has specific characteristics that allow you to pick real carbon fiber.

How To Identify Real Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber materials and sheets have their look. It is not easy to copy, but you can have a look first and tell whether it is real or not. It can also be replaced by fiberglass and say it is carbon fiber, but there are significant differences.

The real carbon fiber has a muted texture. If the texture has a matte or dry look, it has a peel-ply finish. The shinier ones have a perf ply finish. The real one can also handle a lot of stress; it is temperature resistant and can take a lot of heat and flame. You can also do X-Ray and micro-sectioning tests to see whether they are real. Genuine carbon fiber is made from pure pre-preg carbon fiber, providing the lightest and strongest dash in the market. The price of the real carbon fiber can be high, but its offers make it worth the money.

In Which Parts Of The Car Carbon Fiber Is Used?

Carbon fiber ensures the vehicle’s safety, but it does not mean all parts are made of carbon fiber. Furthermore, as carbon fiber is costly, it cannot be used in every part of a car, or the price will be very high.

The wheels, rims, and exclusive body kit of the car are made using carbon fiber. Also, the bumper can be made of carbon fiber and spoilers. The spoilers maintain the vehicle’s aerodynamics, and the bumpers protect the initial impact of the car. That is why you should identify whether the carbon fiber used in your car is real or not.

Main Reasons To Use Carbon Fiber In The Car 

Carbon fiber is strong and lightweight. You can give any shape to it, the shapes which are hard to construct with traditional materials. Though lightweight, it can take a considerable impact, ensuring safety for passengers and drivers. In addition, light parts help improve aerodynamics, speed, and fuel efficiency. So, it is important to use original carbon fiber. Its physical strength and toughness made it popular to use on vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Color Of Carbon Fiber?

The real color of the carbon fiber is black. Because by nature the carbon is black. But it is possible to color it as you want as long as the color is black. It will have a nice finish over the carbon fiber surface.

Does Carbon Fiber Shine?

Yes, the carbon fiber with perf ply finish looks glossy and shines. Also, the wet carbon fiber looks glossy, protecting it from water spots and hazing.

Does Fake Carbon Fiber Fade After A Certain Time?

Yes, the fake carbon fiber fades after using it for some time. This is because the fake ones need high endurance capacity. Also, it cannot take heat and fatigue. As a result, it fades after a certain period. It usually takes 5-6 months.

Does Carbon Fiber Catch Flame?

Carbon fiber can take a lot of heat. It can heat up to 750 degrees. But it does not burn on its own, it takes a fuel source to burn the carbon fiber but also, after that it will burn very slowly. It will stop burning when the fuel source is removed.

Which One Is Stronger: Carbon Fiber Or Steel?

Carbon fiber is undoubtedly stronger than steel. However, steel is considered a standard for comparing other construction or this type of material. Steel is heavier than carbon fiber, but real carbon fiber is stronger than steel.


Carbon fiber can be used for many purposes. But it has a significant role in the automobile industry. Cars and other vehicles use carbon fiber as some main components. It is expensive, but it serves a lot of things. The real carbon fiber is strong and durable, protects from heat and impact, and can handle a lot of stress. But you have to make sure you have the real one. Because only real carbon fiber can get you these facilities, you first have to identify the real carbon fiber to have a safe driving experience.

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