How To Remove The Rev Limiter | Types of Rev Limiters

A rev-limiter is one kind of device which has an internal burning engine. You will find it pre-installed in all modern cars nowadays. The main purpose of the rev limiter is to protect an engine from over-revving and blowing up by limiting its rotational speed. This limiter is aware of us when we try to cross the limitation of its maximum speed and save our vehicle’s engines from damage.

But sometimes rev limiters should be removed when there arise some technical problems such as the changing of cylinder operation and ignition device and when need to drive the exceed limit range. Otherwise, the car engine will die very quickly if overrevved.

Don’t know the process of how you can remove this? Not to be worried, follow our tips and remove the rev limiter.

How to Remove The Rev Limiter – 3 Steps away

Removing the rev limiter from the car is pretty difficult. But we can make it easier. There are some steps to remove your vehicle’s speed limiter. The computer can modify the operation of the car’s engine. But it can’t be done easily.

Rev limiter removal is such a process as changing a vehicle’s engine control unit(ECU). Follow the steps carefully:

First step:  If you want to remove it, firstly you need to install an electronic module or software.

Second step: Then you replace the factory default ECU with a high-performance ECU for exceeding the actual limit placed on the RPM.

Third step: The factory limitation shows you false facts and suggests a lower speed. Then you see that the control speed is in the lower limit range because of the manipulation single. Finally, you are successful to eliminate the rev limiter.

Is Rev Limiter Removal Secure?

You can remove the rev limiter but there are mainly two concerns about removing this.

1. Reliability of car

If you want to remove the rev limiter for the economy, it is secure for your vehicle. Because it is reliable for any car driving at a lower speed rather than normal. You would not drive excessive speeding at more than 80mph. Always try to run your car in the speed limitation line of your nation.

2. Unlimited Speed

When you remove the rev limiter for the cause of performance it is not recommended as safe. Most of the cars’ normal speeds belong between 120-and 155 mph. At this speed level, your car engine and other mechanical components can tolerate it. But if you cross the limit of more than 30-40 percent, you will face the danger of serious mechanical problems.

Types of Rev Limiters

There are different types of speed limiters found in the market. Let’s see what they are.

Two-Step Rev Limiter

A two-step rev limiter is such a device that you can use for the installation in two stages. It is called a stutter box. This limiter is used as a secondary rev limiter. The two main characteristics of a two-step speed limiter are there are two limiters, the first one ensures high-end protection and the second one is to help as a launch controller. The speed sensor identifies at the time when your car is moving and when not moving. The two-step rev limiter saves your car engine by limiting fuel adjustment.

Three-Step Rev Limiter

A three-step speed limiter adds another limiter that plays a vital role to control burnout rpm. It allows one to No Lift Shift(NLS).NLS permits you to hold between shifts. The burn-out limits control wheel speed.

What Are Hard Rev Limiter & Soft Rev Limiter?

Hard cut splits the fuel for a short time whereas hard nut splits the fuel for a long period. Soft limiters hang up the revs and gradually seem that the engine & coil stay against one another. Normally you can use a hard cut limiter as an emergency higher RPM cut when a soft cut does not have the required effect.

Can Anyone Remove The Rev Limiter Or Need Experts?

In most cases, the rev limiter is installed by third parties or experts at a later date. Often this is applied to the car manufacturing agreement. Some car systems may be complex that can be removed only by expertise. But if you have enough knowledge, you can do this by yourself. For this, you need software and a laptop or computer. Then adjusting the ECU via the reprogramming software. You should be careful while doing this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Every Car Have A Rev Limiter?

Not, older cars do not have the facilities of a speed limiter. But in modern cars, it is pre-installed in most cars and controlled by the ECU.

Are There Any Benefits Of Removing The Car Rev Limiter?

Yes, there are some benefits. Firstly, you get the opportunity of safe passing speed. For safety purposes, rev limiter sometimes leads to unsafe driving conditions. Secondly, as the speed limiter controls all the things from fuel and air induction to RPM, it allows over-rev of your car engine which may cause internal damage. If you remove the limiter, your engine will save.

Is It Legal To Remove A Car’s Rev Limiter?

Generally, rev limiters are designed to be set into the car engine and controlled by a computer. But when questions arise of legality; well, car manufacturing companies always try to save the driver from driving faster rather than the exceed level of the car. Removing the rev limiter is illegal because it makes our life in danger by increasing the chances of accidents due to over-speeding.


Rev limiter is a common use word in the modern automobile arena. We are pretty much familiar with the machinery parts that are installed in vehicles. Everything has some pros and cons. So rev limiter is not out of them. Sometimes it would be possible to remove the speed limiter and control it. But considering the overall condition, the speed limiter is safe for your life.

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