How To Remove A Stuck Axle Nut- 3 Easy and Simple Methods

Axle nuts are mainly used in the wheel of different vehicles. The primary purpose is to join the career and wheel in order to ensure safety. But these security axle nuts can be the cause of accidents or damage to the car when they are stuck. So take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

Removing a stuck axle nut yourself might seem intimidating. But it’s as simple as walking in the park once you go through this article, where we will discuss the simple steps following which you can make your intimidating task of removing an axle nut easy.

Removing A Stuck Axle Nut- A No Brainers Guide

There are two broad stages of removing a stuck axle nut. However, choosing any method depends on the tool you have near your hands.

Remove Stuck Axle Nuts Using Impact Tools 

Easy Peasy!

It’s the most convenient and efficient way to remove a stuck axle nut. In that case, you will need an impact driver only. You can use the impact driver as an impact tool. It is one kind of impact drill.

You can apply it directly to stuck axle nuts to remove them. This tool significantly helps to increase torque and allows you to drill in dense. As a result, you can remove the stuck axle nut without any hard work. It’s the machine that does the job for you.

But what if this is your first time doing this, and you do not have an impact tool by your hands? Will you be able to remove the stubborn axle nut?

Don’t despair. We have a solution for you as well. Read through.

Remove Stuck Axle Nuts Without Impact Tools

It is okay if you don’t have the tool or intention to buy one to remove an axle nut. Using a breaker bar, you can break or remove a stuck axle nut.

For that, you need a 35mm ¾  drive breaker bar with the cheaper pipe. Then put this breaker bar on the axle nut and ensure that the breaker bar touches the ground. After that, put the car in gear and slowly ease off the brake. Then, try sometime continuously, which will eventually break the nut.

That’s it.

Removing a stuck axle nut is tricky, but don’t think it’s impossible.


Thinking about how you can efficiently do it, here is another bonus method to get rid of the stuck nut.

It’s a three-step process. Simple and Effective.

Step- 01 The hubcap is the first layer of the wheel. To remove the axle nut, first, remove the hubcap. If you have vehicles whose wheels wrap with rims, you can find a cap in the middle of a wheel.

Step- 02 The vehicles with a cotter pin for securing the axle nut need to remove.

  • Before eliminating the cotter pin, should straighten the two bent with the help of pillars.
  • If the cotter pin is stuck, you can use an oil or lubricant to remove the pin effortlessly.

Step- 03 After removing the cotter pin, you are ready to remove the stuck axle nut.

Which Is Better To Get Rid Of A Stuck Axle Nut? Using Impact Tools Or Without Impact Tools?

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. You can apply any of the methods mentioned above. However, using the impact tools method will be easier because you need a few moments of minimum effort and patience to break the nut.

On the contrary, if you use a breaker bar as an alternative to impact tools, you need time and patience to remove the nuts rather than impact tools. However, the advantages are more. Compared to the cost of these, the breaker bar is cheaper. You can’t use impact tools if you do not have enough technical knowledge to use these.

The most important thing is found in some research that the impact driver affects badly on the axle nuts and has a great chance of damaging the wheel bearing because its primary function is drilling. The impact driver is a threat to the wheel. Therefore, you should always try to avoid using impact drivers. A breaker bar is far better than the driver. It’s cheaper and safer.

Anyone can easily use it without any technical know-how. So, if the question arises of which is better, my opinion goes to the breaker bar. 

For without impact tools, we a video for you. Let’s start

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Drive Without Axle Nuts?

The answer is no. You should only try to drive a car with axle nuts. Nothing will hold the driveshaft in a particular place if the hub nut is missing.  If you do that, this will hamper the vehicles from turning and creating wheel bearings. Most car manufacturers build open differentials. So when one side loses grip, the other side too. For this, you can’t move.

Can You Reuse Axle Nuts?

If the axle nuts come OFF clean, you can reuse them. But in that case, prevails the threat of damage. Sometimes, the nuts get worn out while being removed. If the worn-out damage a considerable portion of the nuts, you better watch out while reusing the nuts.

How Much Torque Does Need For An Axle Nut?

Torque may vary on the condition of the nut. In the new cases, the torque needs at most 15 to 20 lbs. But the jam nut needs 200 to 300 lbs. Proper torque is mandatory. Otherwise, the axle nuts don’t work. 

Should I Remove The Stuck Axle Nut By Myself Or Hire An Expert?

The answer to this question is complex; it entirely depends on you and the situation.

You may face a problem if the axle nut is stuck where you can’t find any expert, so you should learn how to remove the nut. If you have any experience removing axle nuts using breaker bars or impact tools, you are welcome and can remove them. By doing so, you are saving a lot of time and money. Because axle nuts are stuck frequently, most car owners pay considerable amounts to remove the nut.

But if any situation arises where you need help figuring out what to do or nothing that you know is working, you better go to an expert to remove the axle nut safely.


Removing an axle nut turns out an easy and lifesaving learning. We believe this article is enough to help you out with your stuck axle nut.

Safe Drivin!

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